Online Advertising Solutions: Abedalmohimen Alagha Of Hsoub [Wamda TV]


At ArabNet 2012, Abedalmohimen Alagha, CEO and Co-founder of Hsoub, discusses the internet solutions provided by his company, which focuses on the MENA region.

Alagha discusses also “Hsoub Ads” and how they help SME’s to reach targeted audience thru the platform, as well as how the help bloggers and webmasters to generate revenues from their websites. “We have a network that includes more than 700 publishers, and we are generating 1.5 million ads impressions daily”, says Alagha.

Hsoub generate income by sharing the value of the advertisement with the publisher, as the advertiser pays per click, the value is divided between Hsoub and the publisher, so the company can cover the costs of the business and fund itself.

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