Social Media Impact 2012 in Morocco

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    October 11, 2012

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    October 12, 2012

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Following the success of the 1st edition of the SMI - Social Media Impact Conference last year, iCompetences has announced the 2nd SMI 2012, an international event that will bring decision makers and business leaders together to share knowledge and learn best practices, proven methods, and social media strategy.

SMI 2012 will review how businesses need to lead and cope with the challenges of social media. The emphasis will be on how the impact of social media on business strategy is evolving, as well as on the tactical tips and top do’s and don’ts to benefit all the activities and entities (C‐Level, Marketing, Communication, PR, HR, Security…). Whether your organization is just starting out or in the forefront of social media, SMI 2012 will take your social media strategic & operational management to the next level. Through case studies and keynotes, our conference will provide attendees with an abundance of learning and networking opportunities with top experts from around the world.

WHERE: Marrakesh, Morocco

WHEN: 11 & 12 October 2012

WHAT: A two day International conference focused on Social Media Strategy/Risks, Reputation & Crisis Management/ROI & Metrics/Engagement & Communities.

TARGET AUDIENCE: Everyone interested in learning how to harness the power of social media strategies and management best practices to improve brand power.


  • Network with professionals in your industry and find the right partners to support or drive your social media-related projects
  • Discover a rich agenda with worldwide and regional social media experts
  • Learn how to draft a strategic approach to social media
  • Identify what role social will play within your company or organization in the future
  • Understand the trends and challenges of the impact of social media on companies and organizations based on a structured approach
  • Stay competitive in an ever-changing and growing field
  • Improve your organization’s profitability by running social media related activities

SPEAKERS: @SultanAlQassemi - @zaferyounis - @FredCavazza - @petren - @HerveKabla and many others

Full list of speakers available here:

Discover two interviews made with Bobby Kakar and Nick Petrie, two of the speakers of the SMI - Social Media Impact Conference 2012 edition:

  1. Social Media: Bridging Strategy and Operational Effectiveness, Interview with Bobby Kakar, SMI2012 Speaker and Head of Marketing and Product Development at The Saudi Investment Bank, Saudi Arabia
  2. Engaging customers in social media: why it’s worth the challenge, Interview with Nick Petrie, SMI2012 Speaker and Social Media Editor, The Times, UK



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