The Hot Top Models of E-Commerce, CoE E-Commerce: Part 3 [Wamda TV]

In Part 3 of our panel on the Hot Top Models of E-Commerce at our June CoE E-Commerce event, moderator Nina Curley, Editor In Chief of Wamda, speaks with panelists Ahmed Khatib, Founder of MarkaVIPMona Ataya, Founder & CEO of Mumzworld, and Paul Kenny, CEO of Cobone.

Khatib discusses how MarkaVip has crafted itself to be a Launchpad for new brands, allowing brands that would not otherwise be known to the region to have a way to spread to new consumers.

He also discusses how companies in the ecosystem are helping each other to solve problems and make the ecosystem more fluid and successful. Khatib sees COD as an opportunity, not a barrier; MarkaVIP is beginning to be able to mitigate COD risks through researching consumer return rates.

Please Note: Panelist Demet Mutlu asked to be removed from this video. 

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