The State of the Internet in 2012 [Presentation]

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Henry Blodget and Alex Cocotas from Business Insider’s BI Intelligence team have assembled a detailed overview of the U.S. and global digital industry in a useful presentation that sheds a light on the growth and gaps in mobile usage and advertisement.

The presentation offers several valuable statistics for those interested in the growth of social media and the mobile digital industry including in online gaming, music, news, film, and shopping industries. It also discusses gaps in mobile advertising compared to user consumption.

Some of their conclusions include that people now spend more time on apps than browsing the web (users spend an average of 94 minutes on apps and 72 minutes browsing the web every day), freemium is the dominant business model today, and gamers are the biggest moneymakers for app developers. Mobile internet usage is on the rise, with 12% of global internet traffic on a mobile phone.

The presentation also addresses whether or not we are experiencing a tech bubble, bound to burst at any moment. Check out the full presentation to see their final conclusions and what it could mean for the digital media industry.

BI Intelligence is a new research and analysis service by Business Insider focused on mobile computing and the Internet.

Read the full presentation at Business Insider.

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