The World of E-Commerce, Beyond Physical Goods, Part 4 [Wamda TV]

In Part 4 of our CoE E-Commerce panel on The World of E-Commerce, Beyond Physical Goods, moderator Abed Agha, Founder and CEO of Vinelab, interviews panelists Fares Akkad, Head of Digital Business Development at MBC, Nour Khrais, Founder and CEO of Maysalward, Eli Habib, Co-Founder and CTO of Anghami, and Karim Sarkis, CEO of Sync Media about trends in the MENA entertainment industry including music and gaming.

Sarkis discusses how YouTube may monetize in the future and the potential it has for attracting new series to its platform. He also explains that if producers only rely on YouTube as a platform for their shows, then they could risk losing access to their viewers and clients if YouTube ever changes its rules, thus companies should ultimately develop their own portals.

Khrais explains that the freemium model is the best way to monetize gaming apps today in MENA, with other forms of advertisement and subscription being more limiting. The panel begins to take audience questions in this segment.

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