BorsaLink: Bringing the Social Media Paradigm to MENA Financial Markets [Wamda TV]

Ahmad Helal, CEO of Omnivoyance, a software services company dedicated to building financial tools for investors, speaks to Wamda during the launch event of their new product BorsaLink, a stock exchange link. Ahmad explains that Borsalink aims to be the regional financial industry standard platform, the same way Bloomberg and Reuters are in the West.

BorsaLink allows experienced and new traders to stay up to date on the latest from financial markets from the MENA region, quickly identify and seize opportunities in the market as they occur, connect with friends, peers and experts, share news and showcase their trading skills.

BorsaLink offers an innovative training platform for new traders called Enact. It employs a zero-risk technique called Shadow Trading, whereby simulated trades are limited by real market data, giving newbies a real sense of how the market works.

BorsaLink also employs modern social networking techniques to allow swift dissemination of critical information, breaking traders away from the limited traditional communication method of using phones and faxes.  This has the added benefit of giving small independent traders access to the same information as the big players, thereby increasing their chance of long-term success and growth.

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