Connections Are Vital, Work To Create Them [Pic of the Week]

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We often hear the terms "networking" and "connecting" mentioned repeatedly when it comes to attending social events. To some, this exercise might sound boring, routine, and useless. But if the right crowd is in attendance, such events can play an important role in an entrepreneur's journey.

Building these networks and connections is a crucial piece of either starting or scaling your company.


Because you can't do it alone (as my colleague Glen discussed last week). The first step in not doing it alone is firmly planting youself in the community and starting contstant communication with other players in the ecosystem.

At events such as Mix N' Mentor organized by Wamda this month, entrepreneurs will have a chance to mingle with leaders in the ecosystem (check out the attendee lists) and will have the opportunity to build new relationships with them; whether for investment, funding, sponsorship, support, mentorship, or just constructive friendship.


- Expose yourself: Expose your ideas and your startup to successful business owners.

- Relax: If you feel nervous, don't show it.

- Listen: Even if you have a lot to say, take the time to be quiet and listen.

- Communicate: Apart from being a good listener, you need to clearly and effectively define and explain your startup idea; rehearse that short elevator pitch.

- Be positive: You are likely facing challenges that make you feel a bit down and maybe even pessimistic. starting now, ignore them and smile. Stay positive and focused, your idea deserves your full attention.

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