How Telecom Company Orange is Creating a Culture of Intrapreneurship

David Nahmani, Business Development Director at Orange, discusses how the Jordanian mobile operator is creating a culture of intrapreneurship by developing products and services that benefit the startup ecosystem as a whole.

“We focus on three main areas in my group, one is TV meeting the internet, second is digital education, third is personal data… how it can be brought back to the end user to grow and learn better,” he explains.

Nahmani discusses how Orange connects with startups and partners in MENA to innovate by identifying their needs and addressing them. Orange also offers several ways for entrepreneurs to work with them to see if their new products and services are viable.

“We work as a little startup in a big group,” he says, trying to find new ways to empower entrepreneurs including a new program he introduces; "Orange Partners," a program in which the company works with entrepreneurs to help them get visibility for their apps. 

Orange also recently announced a new partnership with Anghami where they allow Orange mobile service users to bundle Anghami’s music data for a discounted rate.

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