Make your Mark for Future Generations [Pic of the Week]

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Today and every Thursday is "Arabic Thursday" in the Wamda offices. All the team speaks only Arabic, in an attempt to encourage the use of Arabic language.

Last week, Arabic Web Days launched as a new initiative to support Arabic content online, and encourage Arab web users to produce Arabic digital content, whether it's text, video and audio.

Earlier this month we highlighted in an article on Wamda, how the educational Arabic mobile applications sector is an unexploited industry, waiting to be explored.

Whether it education, mobile, or entertainment, digital Arabic content is definitely a field that every entrepreneur looking at starting up in the region should consider delving in to. With only 3% of global web content produced in Arabic, the digital leaders in the region should focus more on exploring the production of Arabic content.

This does not only mean a good shot at success, but also a chance to make their mark among future generations, as one of the first entrepreneurs who successfully launched, supported, and raised awareness around Arabic Web content.

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