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    May 02, 2013

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    May 02, 2013

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320Reality is a contest that encourages social entrepreneurs to share and implement their ideas to address defined challenges in the Middle East, North Africa and Turkey.

Anyone can apply and ideas can be pitched in English, Arabic or Turkish. The deadline for the first round of video pitches is May 1, 2013.

Applicants will suggest solutions to three defined streams:

1) Harmony for Humanity

Moving societies from instability and turbulence to co-existence and harmony will not just take time, it will take your best ideas. Come up with sensible suggestions that can help pave the road for better understanding within our communities. How can we make the Middle East a beacon for harmony and coexistence?

2) Conquer Corruption

Reform is damaged by corruption; and corruption rears its ugly head in many forms. Years of hardship follow entrenched bribery, embezzlement, fraud and extortion. When we shine light on these activities, those who indulge in corruption for their own self-interest retreat. What ideas do you have to begin releasing corruption’s grasp? What concrete means and measures do you suggest to begin draining the swamp of its influence?

3) Inspire!

Have a heart for other environmental, social, economic or cultural issues? We have left this stream open to allow you to choose a Middle East challenge that sparks your passion. How can you make a difference and have a positive impact on our region?

How it Works

Round 1

  1. Choose one of the three defined streams.
  2. Create a 3 minute video clip to pitch a sustainable and practical solution.
  3. Post it on the 
  4. Send links to your friends and connections to sign up and vote for your project.
  5. Fifteen videos will advance to Round 2.

Round 2

  1. Feedback from mentors will be provided to the 15 entrepreneurs.
  2. Each entrepreneur will have the option to submit a followup video.
  3. Six videos will advance to Round 3.

Round 3

  1. The 6 finalists will be announced and invited to California (hotel and travel expenses paid) to pitch their ideas to a panel of distinguished international experts in a 20-minute presentation.
  2. The top 3 entrepreneurs will be chosen and announced and will win monetary prizes as well as professional support to ensure their ideas becomes reality.

To find out more or apply for the program, click here.

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