A Chat with Dan Isenberg on Scaling and the Role of Government in Entrepreneurship [Wamda TV]

In a candid chat at the recent World Economic Forum Summit on the Global Agenda in Dubai, Daniel Isenberg, professor at Babson University and founder of the Babson Entrepreneurship Ecosystem Project (BEEP), revealed his vision of how governments can enable good entrepreneurship ecosystems, how entrepreneurs need to conceptualize their businesses in order to scale, and what a government or support organization can do to encourage scaling.

"One of the mistaken roles of government is to take the pain or risk out of entrepreneurship. That's a mistake because entrepreneurship thrives in adversity," says Isenberg, who has sketched out a vision of what a fully functional entrepreneurship ecosystem should include.

Previously, Isenberg has also discussed whether entrepreneurship can be taught, and an ecosystem should approach failure. When it comes to what makes a good entrepreneur, "Entrepreneurs have to have that drive, that ambition, that dissatisfaction, that it's never enough, that there's always more opportunity to look for and to grab," he explains. "That's really essential."

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