Entrepreneur of the Week: Mohammed Kazim of Allinque [Wamda TV]

This week's entrepreneur of the week is Mohammed Kazim, the founder of Allinque, a personal assistance service for the United Arab Emirates.

In a chat with Wamda, Kazim, an Emirati citizen, explains how he got inspired to launch offer simple personal assistant services, after realizing how busy he and his 3 Emirati co-founders were. Having a personal assistant to run errands, make purchases, and even handle bureaucracy, makes all the different for busy analysts, or startup founders, especially when it comes to managing their personal life, he explains.

The company also works hard to keep not just its customers happy, but also its employees, but offering 3 critical benefits, says Kazim, who offers his advice to entrepreneurs starting up in Dubai. 

Allinque was one of 10 companies that competed on du's reailty TV show The Entrepreneur. In response to the judges' feedback in the competition, the company shifted its structure so that its original co-founders would work more fulltime, says Kazim. A self-funded entity, they're now closing a round of seed funding and working on monetizing the platform for the GCC and the Arab World.

Watch Kazim confess the horror stories and most difficult tasks his assistants have faced. 

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