Entrepreneur of the Week: Sara Galal and Mohammad Badrah of Sweety Heaven [Wamda TV]

This week’s entrepreneurs of the week are Sara Galal and Mohammad Badrah, the co-founders of Sweety Heaven, an online portal in Egypt for rewarding good child behavior.

In this chat, Galal and Badrah explain how they were inspired by their daughter to embrace her use of new technology to encourage better behavior through an online reward system for completed tasks and chores. The way it works is parents log onto the platform, create a family profile, and enter the tasks, chores, or behavioral changes they expect from their children. Children then can use the kid-friendly site to document completed tasks and choose their rewardsmark when they have completed specific tasks.

When they choose their prize, an e-mail is sent to the parents who can then purchase the item which is delivered along with a certificate for the child, encouraging further good behavior. “Along with the process of getting the product, you are actually teaching the children the values you want to teach,” says Badrah.

The platform is also an interesting tool for children as they grow up, able to see what tasks they've completed in the past, offering a history of how they were brought up. Perhaps this is a new parenting trend in the making: discipline through online incentives.

Sweety Heaven hopes to soon expand outside of Egypt and find new shipping partners for their rewards in the Arab world, the U.S. and Canada. The couple also discusses how they successfully balance their work and family lives as they grow their new startup.

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