Entrepreneur of the Week: Taline Assi Co-founder of Mosaic Marble [Wamda TV]

Entrepreneur of the week today on Wamda is Taline Assi, who co-founded along with her husband Mosaic Marble in 2003, an online and offline store that manufactures hand cut mosaics, to be installed indoor and outdoor in residential and commercial areas.

The Assi family first started a website called Al Dukkan, selling diversed products online among which they had mosaics. Soon after the launch, they were receiving a lot of orders for the mosaics specially from the US market, so they changed the platform from Al Dukkan to Mosaic Marble and specialized in manufacturing, designing and selling mosaics globally.

Assi says that one of the most important reasons behind entering the US market is that American citizens appreciate the oriental twist represented by the mosaics, considering them as being a classical decoration tool for their homes.

The Mosaic Marble products are 90% manufactured in Lebanon and 10% in Syria, and artists working on the pieces come from different countries. Mosaic Marble reproduces portraits, paintings and pictures, in addition to having their own designs produced in house.


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