Expanding Job Resources for Young Professionals in the Arab World [Wamda TV]

At the Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program event during Global Entrepreneurship Week (GEW) in Beirut last month, ticklemybrain Founder Tara Nehme discussed how ticklemybrain got started and where they are seeing the most interest for job resources and resume-writing services in the Arab world, noting young professions in Dubai, Lebanon, and Saudi Arabia in particular.

Ticklemybrain launched in February to tackle, or “tickle,” resume and cover letter writing for young professionals (“fresh graduates” with 1-2 years experience), offering them the resources and tips on how to successfully apply for jobs and effectively market themselves to potential employers.

As a “career resource portal aimed at empowering Middle Eastern youth,” ticklemybrain wants to empower women in particular, offering tools and advice for finding the right company to work with and how to secure a stable job there. As a greater number of women with college degrees graduate and move into the workforce, ticklemybrain has a huge potential market in the region.

Watch Tara describe the platform and her team's desire to scale.

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