How to Post Arabic Content Online: A Google Hangout Tutorial

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If you feel frustrated by the lack of Arabic content on the Web, and would like to get familiar with some hot tips on how to write digital Arabic content, join the Arabic Web Days initiative's first Google Hangout On Air.

This coming Thursday the 13th, at 7pm Beirut time (9pm UAE, 8pm Saudi, and 7pm Egypt time), Wamda's managing editor Maya Rahal will share easy, quick and straightforward advice for writing Arabic on the web.

The hangout will last for about 30-45 min, during which Maya will first share tips, and then take questions from the 9 Hangout participants and those on Twitter. It will be live streamed on Youtube (we will provide the link on Monday), and the first 9 people to email us will get a chance to participate in the Hangout and ask questions live.

If you would like to be one of the 9 participants, or you have any concerns and questions, email us at editor[at]wamda[dot]com.

AWD is co-created by Yamli and Vinelab and supported by Wamda, Taghreedat and Google.

Get more familiar with AWD by reading the below and watching the videos.

How does it work? 

The Arabic Web Days platform works to higlight the creation of digital Arabic content spread throughout the web, on a variety of channels, including YouTube, Twitter, Wikipedia, SoundCloud, and Wamda. In order to encourage more Arabic web users to produce and publish their content in Arabic on AWD's channels, AWD has implemented a competition that gives points to contributors every time they share an article, blog post, video, or audio recording; the more content a user posts, the more points he or she gathers, rising higher in rank as a supporter of Arabic content online.

How can you get involved?

You can participate by adding original Arabic content, whether in text, video or audio format, linking from Wikipedia, Youtube, Souncloud, or other blogs, including Wamda. Your content will be moderated and published within 2 hours after it's posted.

How can you support the movement?

  • Add the AWD badge to your blog or website.
  • Share the AWD badge on your social networks.
  • Follow our social networks on Twitter, Facebook, Youtube and Google+
  • Re-share our published content through those channels.
  • Support by adding the AWD Twibbon.
  • Pledge to build an Arabic website and celebrate on 12/12/12.
  • Join the events and hangouts announced on AWD and through social channels.

Watch the videos below to learn more!


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