Launching the First Arabic Platform for Expert Electronics Reviews in Egypt [Wamda TV]

At Reviewzat’s website launch event, Managing Director Karim Akram discusses how the startups plans to offer both video and written reviews for new electronic products and services to make it easier for users to choose the product that suits them best.

The site is the first in the region to offer expert electronics product reviews, he says. So far the platform only reviews digital products but will soon expand to include mobile phones, electronic pads, computers and televisions. 

Akram explains that they will not settle for being a product review site only but want to cover customer service reviews as well. When asked about consdering GadgetArabia and TechCrunch as potential competitors, he answers that what differentiates Reviewzat from these platforms is the fact that it covers a very wide range of digital products and services in a simplified Arabic language.

Finally, Akram reveals that after the team has solidified its coverage of consumer electronics, they plan to expand into other verticals as well. He discusses how they expect to monetize in the short and long term. 

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