Ayaady Feeds Egypt with Fresh, Sustainable Produce [Wamda TV]


Despite launching during the political turmoil in Egypt in December 2012, Ayaady, a meat company based in Alexandria, is finding fledgling success by selling high quality red meat to customers, focusing on fresh products and immediate delivery. Customers are taking note; during its first week, the company made 45 sales, establishing itself in the local market, explains founder Hazem Turab. 

To stand out from others that offer imported products, Turab is guaranteeing customers that fresh meat- not frozen or imported- will be delivered to their doorsteps every Friday. His prices are higher than others in the market, he admits, but he's focusing on growing a local, sustainable culture by running his farm in Alexandria, with the help of 4-5 employees. 

Once they can sustain the meat business in both Alexandria and Cairo, the company will expand to produce milk, says Turab. As protestors continue to push for their rights in a post-revolution context, it seems Egypt's appetite for high-quality produce is on the rise.

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