Facebook Use by Companies in the Middle East and North Africa [Infographic]

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Those looking to advertise on Facebook will be interested in this new infographic from SocialBakers that reveals Facebook trends for companies across the Middle East and North Africa in 2012.

The market of MENA Facebook users is about 44 million, representing 4% (44 million) of Facebook's total population, which approaches 1 billon. The majority of MENA Facebook users are in Egypt (11.9 million), followed by Saudi Arabia (5.9 million) and Morocco (5 million).

Other statistics of note:

  • Most (36%) are between 18 and 24 years old, and 35% are female. 
  • The most successful companies to reach fans on Facebook in 2012 were been mobile, e-commerce and airline companies.
  • The fastest growing brand on Facebook for 2012 was Egyptian company Mobinil, a mobile services company. 
  • The most interactive Facebook page in Jordan was, unsurprisingly, Royal Jordanian Airlines, with a 0.291% engagement rate.

For those looking for examples of popular regional ads, the infographic also reveals the most-liked and most engaging posts on Facebook this year; click the infographic or click here to see it full size.   

Facebook 2012 report

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