How to Track Popular Keywords: What Every Startup Should Know


How to Track Popular Keywords: What Every Startup Should Know


When building a web-based startup, it's essential to master the art of luring users to your site, and the first step is making it easy for them to find you.

Typically, users find your website using two methods: they either go directly to your website from their browser, or indirectly through search engines on the internet, ads, social networks, friends and other sites. While some may think that the first method is more important than the second, in fact, they are both as important.

Despite their popularity, it also helps to remind yourself that search engines are still machines that are unable to actually understand the content of a site, a fact that forces website owners to keep researching the best ways to rise to the top of search results. 

That is why SEO (Search Engine Optimization) has become a specialized field unto itself, full of analysts that study search engine algorithms to teach us how the whole system works and how to optimize your own website to essentially be read properly by the engine.

Even if you're not interested in this field, every entrepreneur should study the most popular keywords related to their new project.

Why should you track the most popular search keywords online?

  • To start. If you're looking for a new project idea, checking popular keywords used throughout the year can be useful in order to come up with an idea that’s worth the investment.
  • To choose a proper name for your project. If you were hesitant about the project name, knowing how which words users are searching for may come in handy.
  • To pick the right words. If your website contains the word ‘mobile phone’ or ‘cellphone’ many times, which one should you adopt? A bit of quick research will reveal the expression that is used more often in your target countries; this is the one that you should use.
  • To stay updated. Search keywords often change according to people’s interests and the best way to know what are the most interesting subjects for users is to track the increase of search rate about updated subjects. Important subjects vary from country to country, so make sure to track them in order to stay updated with your users’ most important subjects. 
google trendsHow to track the most popular keywords on the internet

Google Trends Service:

Google is the most famous search engine on the internet, and Google Trends is the most important service when it comes to tracking users’ tendency to use specific keywords when searching online.

In the past, Google offered two different services to track users’ interests while using the internet. Those two services are Google Insights and Google Trends. Last September, Google integrated those two services into one comprehensive service called Google Trends, which offers everything you need in one place.

You may use this service to get detailed information about the search rate of any word from 2004 until now. You can also compare the search rate between two words or more, the search rate in different countries, and explore similar words while assessing results by content type, such as text, image, or video.

FInally, you can also use Google to search for the most important events and subjects for users in specific countries, and explore the most searched news topics in these domains.  

For an overview of 2012 as we head into 2013, watch the Zeitgeist 2012: Year In Review from Google; it may give you new inspiration.   

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