Weekly Wrap-Up: January 20-24

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The life of an entrepreneur typically includes overcoming challenges, learning from failure, and taking risks in order to drive a startup to success. Whether you've just taken your first few steps as an entrepreneur, or if you've been in the game for a while, don't miss this week's posts.

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Pic of the Week: the Greater your Goals, the Greater your RisksWe've all given the advice, "No guts, no glory," but sometimes it pays to think about the tradeoff between local wins and larger ideas. It's also important to stay resilient- read this post by Features Editor Glen and find out what he has to say about it.  

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Entrepreneur of the Week: Alemsah Ozturk of 41?-29!Our 'Entrepreneur of the Week' is Alemsah Ozturk of 41?-29!, who has been founding companies since he was 18. Find out how this "self-educated guy" made 41?-29! one of the biggest digital agencies in Turkey as he discusses how he landed his first client and more in this interview

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Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility, by Fadi Ghandour

Corporate Entrepreneurship Responsibility

With poverty and unemployment plaguing most Arab ecomonies, it is apparent that a bold solution needs to be put in place in order to help current and future generations play a positive, effective role in the development of the region. Read Fadi Ghandour's post to find out why and how the Corportate Entrepreneurship Responsibility can be that solution.

Why Emerging Market Entrepreneurs Should Look to Silicon Wadis, Savannahs, and Tigers

Why Emerging Market Entrepreneurs Should Look to Silicon Wadis, Savannahs, and Tigers

In the final installment of our series comparing the startup environments of Amman, Jordan, and Nairobi, Wamda contributor Jonathan Kalan explains why we need to forget about the "valley", and start looking at the wadis, savannahs, and tigers. Read his post to find out what he thinks startups in the region should be focusing on.

How 3 Women Entrepreneurs are Creating Opportunities in Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan 

Women Entrepreneurs from Morocco, Jordan, and EgyptIt is a common thought that women entrepreneurs have an especially tough journey ahead of them. Find out what challenges these three superwomen from Morocco, Egypt, and Jordan face and what they do to overcome them in this post.

How Unfair Competition Caused an Egyptian Startup to Fail

Jarayed Closes DownJarayed was a newspaper distribution company that launched in January 2011 in Maadi, a relatively well-off residential neighborhood in Egypt, with promises of regular delivery every morning. So what went wrong? Find out in this post.

7 Things You Should NOT Include in Your Resume

7 Things Not to Include In Your ResumeIf you're looking for a job, then you've probably recently edited your resume a number of times to make sure it accurately reflects your accomplishments and capabilities. But where do you draw the line if you want to avoid looking like you're trying too hard? Read this post by Akhtaboot to find out about what not to do when writing your resume.

Why Jordanian Startup TakTek Closed and What it Means for the Gaming Sector

TakTek Closes DownA few months back, TakTek Games was well on its way to success, with their game My Marbles looking like it could be the next Angry Birds. So what can possibly affect a 100% local gaming company that is locally funded? Find out in this post.

Meet Bahrain's Newest Startups Graduating from Tenmou

Tenmou announces their second round of graduatesThree diverse startups targeting Bahraini markets have just graduated from accelerator Tenmou's second round. Find out who they are, and how Tenmou is working on scaling its model in this post.

A Look at the Most Popular Arabic Apps for iOS

Most Popular Arabic Apps for iOSWhether it is the appeal of quick financial gain, or the low cost attributed to developping iOS apps, developpers in the Middle East are following the growing trend of working on smartphone apps. Check out this post to see which are the most popular Arabic apps.

Discover Digital Arabia Builds a Business with Infographics

Discover Digital Arabia Builds a Business with Infographics

Saudi-backed N2V launched Discover Digital Arabia (DDA) in 2011 in Jordan, with the objective of raisingawareness about the Arabic web through infographics, videos, and info stamps. Find out what are the challenges they face and what they're focusing on here.

5 ideas for Building Team Spirit at Your Startup

5 Ideas for Building Team Spirit at Your StartupIf you've just recruited for your startup, or even if you're looking to unlock your team's potential by building camaraderie, this post is for you. How do you turn people who work together into a team?

7 Lessons for Hosting an Offline Event, from Supermama in Egypt

SupermamaA year after its launch, Supermama has ventured into offline events in Egypt. What did founders Zeinab Samir and Yasmine El-Mehairy learn from hosting an offline event? Find out in this post.


Announcing the Winner of Wamda's Community Post Competition

46 Drone Strikes, 652 Bomb Blasts, 4 Startups, 1 Year

46 Drone Strikes, 652 Bomb Blasts, 4 Startups, 1 YearIn his post on our Community page, the author chose to highlight 4 dynamic Pakistani startups and their struggle to gain traction in the difficult local ecosystem. Read about them in this post by this competition's winner, Khurram Zafar.

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