Entrepreneur of the Week: Delphine Edde Co-Founder of Diwanee [Wamda TV]

Four years after being in the business of building online portals for women, Delphine Edde, co-founder of Diwanee, thinks that there is not enough competition in the market. "I think Arabic content online is still amateurish and there is a long way to go for a better quality of content", says Edde.

Diwanee (Arabic for “e-gathering”), has three platforms in its portfolio, all targeting women: 3a2ilati.com, which addresses women as mothers and tackles subjects around health, education, and cooking, Yasmina.com, which covers fashion and beauty, and Wayyana a "female only social network", as Edde puts it.

Edde, an Endeavor Lebanon entrepreneur, says Yasmina.com and 3a2ilati.com each receive around 3 million visitors each month, which encouraged the co-founders to build the newly launched social network Wayyana. "What is important for us is the engagement we have with the women and the time they spend on the platforms," explains Edde.

It seems like it's not hard to create a wildly popular site when selling to women; after all, Nawa3em has hit over 1 million unique visitors last next year and Layalina has already hit 500,000 in its first two months. Yet good content is essential.

"Keys to our success is hard work to provide the best quality possible in terms of content, and building a great team," Edde says during our chat.

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