Entrepreneur of the Week: Fadi Daou of MultiLane [Wamda TV]

Entrepreneur of the Week Fadi Daou, the founder and CEO of MultiLane SAL, discusses how he built his high-tech company in Lebanon after a series of successful entrepreneurial ventures in the U.S.

In a chat with Wamda, Daou explains how he built his expertise in the high-tech market, sold his businesses in the U.S., and resettled to his family’s historical home in Houmal, Lebanon in 2007. MultiLane is a global developer of test equipment for global internet networks that has attracted clients including Cisco, Google, Dell, and Intel. With MultiLane, Daou is working to put Lebanon on the global map as a serious high-tech contender.

“I always believed that there isn’t anything they [other high-tech companies] do that we can’t do. So I told myself that I would create a high-tech company from Lebanon to enter and compete on the global market,” he says.

Daou offers those who may be unfamiliar with high-tech semiconductors a simple explanation of his work and its importance for the development of global cloud networks. He also discusses some of the major challenges to operating and finding talent inside Lebanon.

Check out the short interview to also hear a word of advice from Daou for recent grads looking to start an entrepreneurial venture right out of school.

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