Expanding Salad Boutiques from Kuwait to the GCC [Wamda TV]

In an interview at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Doa’a Abdul Wahab, co-founder of A2D storage in Bahrain, and managing director of Salad Boutique with branches in Kuwait, Jeddah, Bahrain, and soon to be Qatar, discusses their expansion in the Gulf and the increasing popularity of healthy food choices in the region.

Localizing each Salad Boutique branch for the host country is key to their strategy as consumers in Doha may have different tastes or needs than Kuwaiti customers. “What suits Bahrain, doesn’t suit other countries,” says Abdul Wahab.

As they build up the high-end salad eatery, the Salad Boutique team is careful not to brand their food as diet food, but as an alternative and healthier lifestyle for their consumers. They’ve recently begun to offer delivery in Bahrain, increasing business by 45% there. They also just introduced breakfast, lunch, and dinner boxes for people to order healthier meals throughout the day.

In this interview, Abdul Wahab also discusses the challenges and opportunities for women entrepreneurs in Bahrain, including taking advantage of Tamkeen’s offerings.

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