Five Smartphone Apps for Creating and Editing Documents

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Whether you're looking to review a few important papers, take a final look at a lecture or add edits to a document before sending it to one of your business partners, document editing on the go is an essential part of an entrepreneur's life. Below are five applications that can help with this:   

1. iWork Applications Package:


iWork is an application package for iPhone and iPad that includes Apple's signature platforms, Pages, Keynote and Numbers, which respectively work with documents, presentations and spreadsheets.  

These applications provide the perfect solution for Apple users, since it works with documents that have been created by similar applications to OS Mac system. This is something crucial as most Arab users tend to own more than one Apple device.  

iWork applications also support documents that have been created using Microsoft Office, and offer an attractive user interface and a number of templates.

Each application is sold independently for US $10 on the App store, and these applications work with iCloud, which allows users to save a copy of their documents on remote servers for access on any device.    

2. Quickoffice


Google acquired Quickoffice on in June 2012, in a move that granted it its own office application pack, which it has pushed for Android. 

Quickoffice, in addition to various editing features, enjoys a high level of compatibility with a large number of cloud computing services, making it easy for users to access files from Dropbox, Google Docs,, SugarSync and others.   

On Quickoffice, you can edit more than one document at the time, and can also edit PDF documents. The pack is sold on Android and iOS for US $15.

3. Documents to Go

Documents to Go also supports documents from various sources, it also allows you to edit PDFs, but it has a special technique that enables you to save the order of documents that were edited on your smartphone. The application 

This app also offers password-protected documents, and along with the mobile app comes a free copy of the laptop version, which enables users to sync documents wirelessly between the two.

Documents to Go works with a variety of cloud computing services and is sold for both smartphones and tablets for US $17.  


4. Google Drive 

Those who use Google Drive, Google's the cloud computing service, can benefit from the mobile app version, which enables them to edit and share written documents and charts. The app, which is completely free on iOS and Android, always saves a backup copy of edited files in a 5GB storage cloud space.

5. Polaris Office 


Polaris Office allows you to edit several types of documents in an advanced editing environment that offers sevreal templates, illustrations and charts.

This set of applications was developed to provide the maximum speed possible for editing documents, regardless of file size.  

It also lets users search and replace words quickly and efficiently, and allows entrepreneurs to design lectures and present them directly from their phones, with a wide selection of visual effects and clarification methods.

This app is currently available on Android and iOS for a discounted price of US $13.

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