Minispace Designs Multiple Use Furniture in Gaza [Wamda TV]

Meet one of Gaza's most succesful startups: Raghda and Ahmed Maher Al-Souwaysi started Minispace to design furniture for multiple uses, especially to fit small spaces.

The startup won number one prize in the Spark competition for small businesses at the Islamic University in Gaza, and the first prize in the Celebration of Innovation Competition in the West Bank. Now it's operating with the help of Gaza's Business and Technology Incubator (BTI).

The two siblings were inspired to create the company from the fact that they grew up in a small house with many family members, and not enough furniture to accommodate everyone. Having studied home design, Raghda worked on modern pieces of furniture that could fit into Gaza's small housing spaces, which are often confined as a result of overpopulation.

Thus far, they're growing steadily. "Things have been going well so far for the startup, thanks to having BTI's funding, winning two competitions and having a team willing to work hard, be patient and overcome all kind of challenges," says Raghda.

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