5 Apps for Managing Your Files in the Cloud

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Many entrepreneurs today need to store, edit and sometimes share their digital files across multiple platforms; a single  smartphone, laptop, or flash drives just won't cut it.  

Fortunately, a few good cloud computing services offer users efficient ways to store and download files from almost any device. Google has even taken this idea one step further with their new Chromebook, which stores data only on the cloud. 

Below are some of the top cloud storage programs used by entrepreneurs who need to access their data anytime and anywhere:


boxWith Box, users can add notes, review files, and electronically sign and fax documents anywhere in the world.

The free application is available for iOS, Android and Windows devices and Mac and Windows laptops, and it offers a free 5GB file storage package, that includes OneCloud storage service, starting at US $15 per month.


dropboxDropbox is perhaps the most popular cloud storage application, thanks to its long history of data security. The app allows users to automatically update files in the cloud, which are then synchronized with each of your personal devices.

It features apps for all laptops and smartphone operating systems, and offers free 2GB of storage, with additional storage packages starting at US $10 per month.

Google Drive

google drive

Every Gmail account is now equipped with Google Drive, which  lets users read or create new text, presentations, and spreadsheet documents that are compatible with Microsoft Word, PowerPoint, Excel and other services.

The platform, which is available for free on Android and iOS devices, offers 5GB storage for free, and storage packages from 25GB to 16TB with a monthly price ranging from US $2.50 to $800. 


Microsoft's new cloud hosting service, SkyDrive, offers 7GB of free storage that also supports all Google Drive documents.

One unique feature is the Recycle Bin which allows users to restore files they deleted by mistake. The service also offers an instant synchronization with all Windows smartphones without the need of any additional applications, and it allows users to create groups for editing specific documents.

SkyDrive now comes integrated with all Outlook accounts and is available for free on Android, iOS and Windows devices.



SugarSync offers a cloud storage service that allows users to manage their files, share them for editing, and store copies of emails.

The application, which is available for free on iOS, Android, Windows and Symbian devices, offers packages starting at US $50 per month for a personal account and US $55 per month for a company account. 

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