A Look at Entrepreneurship in Oman: A Chat with Sharifa Albarami [Wamda TV]

In an interview at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit, Sharifa Albarami, founder of Al Jazeera Technical Solutions & Training and the Oman Entrepreneurs Network, discusses how Oman’s startup ecosystem is evolving as entrepreneurs begin to build a collaborative community together.

After starting her own company in 2007, Albarami became intensely interested in helping others to create new startups and overcome challenges through a supportive community and network. Currently, she is working on founding Oman’s first coworking space, “Entrepreneurs in Oman do need a focal point where they can gather, collaborate, cooperate, as well as just exchange ideas,” she says.

Albarami also discusses the demographic of the average entrepreneur in Oman and what stages their businesses are in. Encouragingly, the Oman Entrepreneurs Network sees an even 50/50 split of men and women attendees.

Check out this interview to see how Albarami continues to attract entrepreneurs to their impromptu meetings and her outlook on the future of Omani entrepreneurship.

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