CastPace: Bringing the Region's Independent Filmmakers Together [Wamda TV]

During the Flat6Labs Cycle 3 Demo Day, Emad Mutter, founder and CEO of Castpace, the first regional online platform for the filmmaking and TV community, describes how his startup predominantly serves indie filmmakers.

“Castpace answers a direct need in our region where casting the right cast and crew is always a challenge for filmmakers,” Mutter says. “And managing the project communication and resources is also difficult because there’s no unified tool or channel.” Castpace users can create and share portfolios, search for and hire cast and crew, post vacancies, and connect to other filmmakers. They are also able to create, plan, budget and manage their projects on the site.

“The service will also be especially helpful for foreign crews wanting to hire local talent, even if they’ve already had contact with local crews previously,” adds Mutter. Check out the full interview to learn how the startup his helping indie filmmakers find and manage their teams.

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