Creating a Digital Arabic Comics Market from Egypt [Wamda TV]

During the Flat6Labs Cycle 3 Demo Day, Mahmoud Ghoz, founder and CEO of Rawy, discusses his startup, a digital publishing marketplace and services company for comics.

Rawy will produce its own Arabic comic content, including a flagship series called “Adam”.  The comics can be viewed in 2 digital modes: story-telling mode (like a traditional comic); or interactive mode, where the user can interact with individual elements in each scene in numerous ways before moving on to the next scene.

“We hope to be the platform for Arabic comic content regionally,” Ghoz says. To this aim, the company also provides a marketplace for independent content creators to publish their own content to satisfy Rawy’s main market, the over 1 million monthly internet searches for Arabic comics. The primary language for hosted content will be Arabic, but they will also accept content in English and other languages. 

The comics will be available on iOS, Android and Windows 8 devices. check out the interview to learn more about the project.

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