Wamda for Women Entrepreneurs Announces Roundtable Series, Starting in Cairo

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This month, Wamda for Women Entrepreneurs (W4WE) is launching a roundtable series to bring women from all stages of the entrepreneurial journey together to connect and discuss whether women entrepreneurs can lead the way in defining and implementing workplace structures that truly work for women.

Click here to sign up now and join us!

Until now, the conversation about the role of women in business has been driven by assessments of government and economic need. As societies throughout the Middle East region stare down growing unemployment rates, many policymakers have recommended that governments and societies empower women to enter the workforce, launch new companies and create new jobs.

But this conversation leaves out the question of what women are doing within our own companies and communities to redefine and implement structures that truly work for us.

Wamda For Women Entrepreneurs is an initiative that will focus on this question, creating content, conducting workshops, and connecting communities to depict how women in the Arab world are drawing strength from unique cultural aspects, and how we as women can expand our definitions of role models and recommend ways to have it all.

In partnership with the MENA Businesswomen’s Network (MENA BWN), we will kick off our first roundtable in Cairo, hosting women in a casual, off-the-record gathering from 5-7pm, at the Swiss Club in Giza, Cairo, after Wamda's Mix n' Mentor.

After an introductory presentation, we will break into groups, to listen to each other’s stories, come to conclusions about where we stand today when it comes to stereotypes, role models, and work/life balance.

We will start in Cairo and hope to continue to every major city in the Arab world along with the Mix n’ Mentor roadshow.

Again, click here to sign up and join us!

Connect with our Google+ community and LinkedIn Group to continue the conversation, or tweet at us on the hashtag #w4women. Email us at w4women@wamda.com for more information, or if you’re interested in helping support our roundtable series. 

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