Wamda Launches EdTech Mapping Project - Register Here


Wamda Launches EdTech Mapping Project - Register Here

Education in the Middle East and North Africa is in crisis.

Employers lament low skilled job seekers, unemployment is at an all time high, and our education systems are failing at producing well-rounded individuals. In the background, the region is going through one of the most important transitional periods in its history. The stakes for a successful education revolution could not be higher.

Education is a sector waiting to be disrupted.

While the public sector has failed to institute lasting change, who better to shake things up than people with very little regard for the status quo, who can be trusted to impose change from the outside?

Over the next year Wamda will embark on a journey to identify key entrepreneurs and change makers that are targeting the education technology space across the region.

The goal of this effort is to better understand the education entrepreneurship space, its challenges and its opportunities. With that information at hand and publicly available, we believe the region can overcome the challenges, capitalize on the opportunities and create a tide that will raise all boats!

If you are one of these changemakers please take the first step by completing our one-minute survey below (you can also click here).

Haven’t taken the charge yet? Would still like to help or want more information? Want to partner with Wamda on supporting Edtech in MENA? Please send an email to education@wamda.com

Let the MENA education revolution begin!

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