Egyptian Team Delivers a Killer Global App: Ninja SMS

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Recently we had an Arab company going head-to-head with Google, now we have the Ninja apps team going head-to-head with Facebook! 

Yes, I can exclusively reveal that the team behind the ground-breaking Ninja SMS app are 100% Egyptian.  Of course, as they’re ninjas I’m not allowed to divulge their identities, and just like ninjas they prefer their work to do the talking.

Ninja SMS is an Android app that “enables true multitasking” by allowing users to read and reply to incoming messages without leaving their current app. It’s performing wonderfully against the competing Facebook Messenger & Home apps, even though the behemoth’s apps are free, and Ninja SMS’ launch price is $0.99.  “In 10 days, with zero marketing we’ve become the #1 ‘Top New Paid’ app in the communications category, number 5 ‘Top New Paid’ app across all categories, and number 5 ‘Top New Paid’ in Applications in the U.S.,” explained the ninja head-designer. 

He continued, “We got really nervous because Facebook released their revised app a few days after us and it contained some features similar to ours, so we feared the worst, but user response has been overwhelmingly positive, we’re all very proud of the app.”

The thing about the Ninja SMS app is that it’s leading edge technology. Egyptian developers have delivered an app that is able to compete and succeed globally at launch. Although there's been zero marketing, leading tech blogs AndroidPolice, DroidLife, and Tested have all given glowing reviews.

The advantage to the Ninja SMS app is that it's smaller and faster than the competition. You can configure which contacts get priority handling, and the user interface is much more streamlined, allowing the user to reply to messages in one click, as compared to 3 clicks or more in other apps; it minimizes interruption of the user’s current task. 

What’s more, the team have already released an update incorporating user feedback and suggestions; I doubt we’ll ever see a juggernaut respond that quickly. They have more features lined up that will appeal, but, as I’ve been sworn to secrecy, all I can say is that they’re really cool.  One hint- because the team are independent, they aren’t tied to one message platform, and can even incorporate messenger technology from competing firms.

The Head Developer revealed that their vision is to "create cool apps that target a defined user challenge and deal with that challenge in one swift blow.”  

In other words, they’re not going to release anything bloated with unnecessary features.  They have other apps lined up, and I hope the encouraging response to their first app will give them the confidence to go full-time soon.  Yes, this ground-breaking app has been delivered by a team working part-time.  We finally have an Egyptian team giving Egyptian developers a great reputation globally. It proves the region has the skills. 

If the team’s next apps are half as good as their first, the team will have to use all their ninja skills to fight off investors and global brands trying to buy them out.  And that’s the fight we’re all waiting for!

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