The Rise of Video Advertising [Infographic]

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Did you know that 70% of digital media marketers use video as a means of advertising, while 58% use webinars and webcasts?

A new infographic built by Y2D, a digital agency based in Riyadh and Amman, reveals data sourced from Brainshark, which offers enterprise solutions for content sharing.

The data indicates the importance of videos in content advertising, and the role they play as an advertising tool for companies.

Here are some of the most important statistics:

  • 76% of users in Saudi Arabia watched videos on their mobile phones last year.
  • Social media was the #1 advertising tool of choice for digital advertisers last year, while videos were their 6th favorite.
  • Video clips are most commonly used for selling and promoting products and commercial services, as well educating, sharing advices and entertainment.
  • The probability that users will watch a video in a commercial email is 13%. This rate increases to 50% if the video is shared on social media. 
  • 92% of smartphone users are also likely to share videos via phone, and they share videos three times more often than desktop users.


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