8th Startup Q8: Multi-sided platforms

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    May 27, 2013

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    May 28, 2013

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On Monday, May 27th, Startup Q8 (Kuwait) is hosting their 8th event at the Global Tower, Al-Shuhada Street, Kuwait City. 

At this month’s event, attendees will discuss what the organizers call multi-sided platforms. It sounds kind of technical, but it means “economic platforms having two distinct user groups that provide each other with network benefits.” Not much help; if a company has two distinct customer bases, and creates value by enabling them to interact, then it’s a multi-sided platform. For example, Facebook had to cater to users and advertisers, while Ebay had its buyers and sellers. It gets interesting when you consider how these companies have to grow one user base to attract the other.

Presentations will include an intro to the topic by Mijbel AlQattan, and an interview with Sayed Almohri of Next Mobile Payment.

The event is free to attend, and is open to all interested in learning more about entrepreneurship and the startup ecosystem in Kuwait.

Click here to RSVP, and check out the schedule here. To learn about future events and announcements, you can follow Startup Q8 on Twitter.

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