Meet Palestine's pioneering female coder, who just won in an international gaming competition

Rasha Hussein is one of the Arab world's women entrepreneurs to watch. The first time I met her, she was leading a room full of tech geeks towards the completion of the first Startup Weekend in Palestine, as one of the co-founders of Bazinga Ramallah

She hasn't stopped leading since. Last night, she won "Most Innovative" in the Udacity HTML 5 Game Development Contest, for an augmented-reality mobile game called Coin Run, which works like Google's Ingress, asking players to run around their city and unlock specific locations to gain territory. 

After graduating from Birzeit University this year, she's continued her education online, taking courses on Udacity's massive open online courseware platform. She's now applied to Fast Forward, Palestine's first tech startup accelerator, to continue developing to game, and is now pioneering a new coding meetup in Ramallah, starting with her female friends who code. 

Watch the video below to see what she has to say about building a culture of coding in Palestine, and ensuring that women get involved in the tech scene in Palestine.

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