WamdaCard Out of Private Beta, Now Accepting Applications

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Fresh out of private beta, Wamda's newest program, WamdaCard, offers entrepreneurs discounts and benefits on a range of products and services to startup and scale their new business. Throughout partnerships with startups, experts, and key regional players, WamdaCard brings entrepreneurs a range of products designed to lower the cost of launching a business.

Why does an entrepreneur need one?

As every entrepreneur knows, building a startup is expensive, and it's often hard to know who has experience working with startups and can truly understand their needs. No matter what country you're located in, there are legal fees, registration fees, office rental fees, supplies, design, development, telephone bills, and all sorts of expenses that demand a lot of investment upfront, not to mention time spent.

Here's where WamdaCard comes in.

Whether you've just started, are scaling, or are facing some unexpected challenges, WamdaCard is here to support you and your company. 

We know that every startup has different needs at varying stages in development, that's why we've compiled a community of partners who have geared their benefits directly toward our range of member entrepreneurs (a few are shown below).

What kinds of benefits does WamdaCard offer?

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WamdaCard offers benefits on travel, web design, coworking spaces, advertising, office space, shipping, consulting, events and job postings, among others, and we are regularly adding new partners to the program as entrepreneurs alert us to their specific needs.

Benefits include:

To check out the full list of offers, click hereSo how do you apply? 

It's really easy. First, click "Apply Here" on the WamdaCard homepage and fill in your basic information. After pressing "Submit," you'll receive an e-mail confirmation that we've received your request. Once approved, you'll be sent another e-mail directing you to the payment screen, where you can select a payment method and purchase a full year's subscription for $149. Your payment will be verified and you will receive an e-mail asking you to create your WamdaCard account and password.

Next, we'll send you your very own WamdaCard in the mail, but you're free to begin redeeming benefits before you receive it, via the website. Entrepreneurs can also visit our launch partners AltCity in Beirut and The District in Cairo to apply and pick up their very own card.

To learn more about the program and see the full list of benefits, check out WamdaCard.com. Welcome to the WamdaCard community.

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