Weekly Wrap-Up: June 23-27

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Next week, we're heading to Casablanca for Mix N' Mentor:

Mix N Mentor CasablancaOn July 6th, we'll be in Morocco for Mix N' Mentor Casablanca. The event is sold-out and we're thrilled to be spending a day with the country's top entrepeneurs, industry experts, and mentors. If you're not in Casablanca, sign up to take part in a mentorship session via Google Hangout, a unique format we've been implementing at each event so far, or stream the Opening panel and Fireside chat on live.wamda.com.

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Articles you Might have Missed

A tablet cafe launched in Senegal; could the trend transform North Africa?

Tablet cafe launches in SenegalWith the support of Google, Médoune Seck turned his internet café into the first tablet café in the world. Find out why Seck, along with Tidiane Dème, Office Lead Francophone Africa at Google, think that tablets will play a major role in the future of the internet.  

It's not about the money: why isn't there more startup investment in emerging markets?

More startup investments in emerging marketsInternet has made it possible for anyone to market their consumer internet services, yet is the playing field as leveled when it comes to raising funds in order to scale? Find out why the region might be lacking adequate access to funds.

Saudi entrepreneur showcases Silicon Valley startups in Arabic web series

Saudi Entrepreneur showcases Silicon Valley startups in Arabic web series

Saudi serial entrepreneur Ahmed Al-Ghazi created “Houna Silicon Valley”, a new YouTube channel, to familiarize Arab entrepreneurs with the success stories of startups hailing from Silicon Valley. What is the ultimate goal of the show? Find out in this post.

Coworking space iceaddis gives a home to Ethiopia's startups

Coworking space iceaddis gives a home to Ethiopia startupsWhile Ethiopia's capital can only claim 1% internet penetration and 17% mobile phone penetration, tech hub, accelerator, and co-working space iceaddis believes in Addis Ababa's emerging startup community. So what does the 'home for startups' offer them?

6 ways to boost your sales through social media

Ways to boost your sales through social mediaMarketers often diverge between those who sternly believe spending on social media boosts sales, while others are still struggling with ways to quantify resulting return and conversions. How can you make sure your social media efforts pay off? Find out in this post

The mobile opportunity for startups in the Middle East and Africa [Report]

Mobile opportunity for startups int he Middle East and AfricaThe mobile penetration rate in the Middle East is of 109%, so what is the most popular type of mobile content? Find out this, and more on how users across the region consume social media.

Is Venture Capital the right investment model for startups in the Arab world?

Is Venture Capital the right investment model for startups in the regionVenture capital may have proved itself in Silicon Valley, but is it a fit in the Arab world? Check out this post by Executive Team Chief Technology Office and Head of Marketing at N2V, and Wamda contributor Muhammad Arrabi for ways VCs could offer support to startups and improve the state of venture capital in the region.

What Iran's new president means for startups

What Iran new president means for startupsOn June 14th, Hasan Rouhani was elected Iran's new president. Will his moderate views and the support he has from foreign governments bring forth a golden age of Iranian startups? Find out in this post recently upgraded from Wamda's Community blog, by startup enthusiast Mohsen Malayeri. 

Is your idea good enough to become a great startup? [Infographic]

Rules for a great startup ideaYour friends may think you have a killer idea, but that doesn't necessarily mean you should quit your job and start up. Many entrepreneurs have learned this lesson the hard way. So how can you gauge whether or not your idea is material for a viable startup? This infographic will put you on the right track


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