How IPAL in Gaza is trying to improve childhood education through gaming [Wamda TV]


In order to help fill the education gap in some parts of the Arab world, three young entrepreneurs from Gaza, Mohammed Youssef, Ayman Aklouk and Abdullah El-Shareef, founded IPAL (I Play and Learn) in 2010, offering a mobile and web platform with educational games for kids between 3 and 12 years old.

Parents can set up an online account for their children where kids can begin playing games that match their current education level. “The game tracks kids’ mistakes to reveal weaknesses in certain subject areas and suggests solutions for them to practice. The platform tracks each child’s progress and presents a report for parents to review,” explains Youssef.

IPAL offers a range of subjects which, as Youssef explains, cover all of the major educational curriculums in the Arab world. For now, the Arabic platform is self-funded, but in order to expand and begin making steady profits, the team has also started to produce smaller independent games which they offer for paid download online or on Android’s Google Play.

Check out the short interview in the video above to see the types of games they are creating and how the IPAL team is promoting their products to parents and kids.

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