A chat with the young entrepreneurs developing hardware to help the deaf hear [Wamda TV]

At the recent World Economic Forum Meeting in Jordan this May, we chatted with student innovators Noor Darras and Soha Tabaki from Jordan University, who created a sound-sensing glove hardware for the deaf.

As an assignment for a class at university, these two young inventors decided to build a device that negates the need for sign language, as they put it, by using vibrating signals inside the globe to alert the wearer to certain letters and words spoken into a microphone. The glove can also sense alarms, sirens and phone calls.

In this short interview, Darras and Tabaki demonstrate how their hardware works and explain its other uses, including allowing a wearer to type on their flexible keyboard to have a digital voice spoken into headphones or speakers.

Check out the video above to hear more about their device and how they plan to turn it into their very own startup.

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