How intel is supporting young entrepreneurs in the Arab world [Wamda TV]

During Wamda’s Mix N’ Mentor Riyadh this past May, we chatted with Khaled Adas, Strategic Relationship Manager at Intel for the Middle East and North Africa, who discussed intel’s Corporate Social Responsibility initiatives, particularly around engaging youth in the region.

Intel's latest initiative, the Intel Business Challenge, offers an opportunity for technology-minded young innovators to build their own business plan to address some of the world’s greatest challenges. By partnering with governments, NGOs and other key players in the ecosystem, intel is hoping to bring the top ideas in the Challenge to compete on the world stage in Silicon Valley.

The company, which has been working in the region for over 13 years, is also working with universities, encouraging students to turn their projects and research into profitable businesses in the market. "Through our programs, we are working on turning challenges into opportunities," says Adas. 

Check out the brief interview above for more on what Adas sees as the greatest challenges in Saudi Arabia and how intel can help entrepreneurs overcome them. 

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