How student entrepreneurs are transforming Morocco's economy

The May, before Enactus Morocco hosted its 10th annual entrepreneurship competition for students, we caught up with Touria Benlafqih, the organization's program manager in Morocco, at the World Economic Forum in Jordan.

Enactus, which has been operating in Morocco for 10 years, works to support youth entrepreneurship and sustainable development, in part by hosting a yearly competition that offers 2000 university students from across Morocco the chance to present their startup projects to a jury of business leaders.

This year's Enactus Morocco competition is geared towards social entrepreneurship, with the theme "social innovation in the service of a competitive Morocco." Winners will then go on to compete in the Enactus World Cup in September in Mexico.

Benlafqih discusses how Enactus fills a gap in the education system in Morocco, and how these student entrepreneurs are transforming Morocco's economy and mentality. 

"Students learn not only how to be entrepreneurs, but how to teach people to be entrepreneurs, how to create value, how to change people's lives, and how to empower people, especially the underprivileged." 

80% of the entrepreneurs that she works with are women, Benlafqih reveals. Watch the video to see the biggest challenges that they face.

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