How Supermama, Shahiya and Mumzworld are supporting moms this Ramadan

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Ramadan can be overwhelming for moms, as they balance families with work and social obligations. To support moms, and women in general, during the holy month, several digital media portals are offering advice to help mothers cook healthy recipes, decorate the house for Ramadan, and support the broader community.

In particular, Supermama, Shahiya and Mumzworld, three sites that generally cater to women (and men who love cooking or want to support women), have rolled out several new initiatives:

Supermama, the first online parenting community for mothers in the Arab World, is offering daily menus designed to help families prepare for evening iftars. With a variety of options, these recipes can be prepared quickly and help spare the burden of deciding what to cook everyday. (Disclosure: Wamda Capital has invested in Supermama).

Other daily practical tips on Supermama answer common questions that anyone fasting during this Holy month might have, discussing, for example, what types of food help you avoid thirst, which types of meals can be prepared ahead of time, and how you can avoid headaches and putting on weight while fasting.

Supermama is also organizing a competition around house decoration during Ramadan, in which readers are invited to post pictures revealing how they have decorated their homes; winners are chosen according to the speed of posting and their social media engagement. The competition might also give moms ideas for quick and easy decoration tips to can enjoy with their kids.

This year, Supermama has also launched a new original video series, called “Akel Bayti,” or “House Meals," in which the Supermama team visits the kitchens of various moms and films them cooking a meal of their choice.

Lebanese cooking portal Shahiya has also launched a food series specifically for Ramdan, releasing an application called “Aklat Ramadan” or “Food for Ramadan.” The application, which costs $5.99, has 150 downloadable Ramadan menus with six courses each. “We are testing this application for the first time this year and we are surprised that it's already ranking 23rd in the lifestyle category on the US app store,” says Shahiya founder Hala Labaki.

Mumzworld, the first online marketplace in the region for everything mother, baby and child, has opted to focus on social features during Ramadan, by organizing an charitable initiative called “Meal for Meal.”

The initiative is designed to facilitate Zakat, the practice of charitable giving, which is popular during Ramadan. Those hoping to donate can purchase $4 meals online, which can be paid for with credit card or even cash on delivery. Mumzworld then matches each donation with a second meal and delivers both to the hungry in the Emirates.

The startup is also helping families give gifts to one another, by selling Ramadan products such as lights, games, books, and prayer cloths. Gifts specifically for Iftar can be delivered same day within the UAE if ordered before noon.

Aside from these services and products, the site also offers women a chance to interact and engage with other moms, to potentially learn from one another's experiences.

Is there any specific advice you would like to share with other moms during Ramadan? Post it in the comments below, and Ramadan Kareem.

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