How women in Saudi Arabia are being integrated into the workforce [Wamda TV]

At Wamda’s Mix N’ Mentor Riyadh, we chatted with Khalid AlKhudair the founder of, an online platform for job-seeking women in Saudi Arabia.

In this short interview, AlKhudair explains Glowork’s functions, enabling women to find flexible jobs that fit their needs and skillset. He discusses some of the major barriers to women employment and how his platform is helping women find ways to work despite some challenging labor laws.

AlKhudair shows optimism that things are slowly changing as women are increasingly incorporated into the workforce. Glowork itself offers women the change to work from home by matching their skills with specific startups or projects to help them to put their skills to use even if they can’t work in an office.

“The Ministry of Labor has put in place new laws and regulations to boost women employment and be a bit more flexible around including women in the workforce,” he says. Check out the full interview above to see more on how women can use Glowork to find a job placement and what challenges remain to integrating women into the workforce.

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