Would you outsource your startup's social media presence? We ask the crowd [Wamda TV]


Last June, Oventure organized the annual Mashable Social Media Day Egypt in Alexandria, with discussions on social media including how to build a brand and promote it via social media and how to track the performance of your social media marketing.

We spoke with the founders of several participating companies to find out the answer to: “Do you prefer managing your social media accounts internally or externally?” Opinions were varied. One respondent lauded the benefits of outsourcing, saying that it’s better to work with a company that offers professional social media services than to delegate this task to your internal team who may not have much experience.

“A startup’s budget is usually small, so outsourcing external services can be costly,” says Tarek Nasr, the founder of Planet 360. “There are other ways that companies can adopt a successful strategy.”

Check out the brief video above to see whether the crowd felt the outsourcing or internal social media marketing is the way to go.

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