How Algeria's mobile operators fare on social media [Infographic]

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A strong social networking strategy can be a game-changer in any industry. Mobile operators for example, many of which have been around since before Facebook was even an idea, are finding ways to adapt to more engaged customers who expect easy acces to their brand.

In Algeria in particular, web-marketing consultant Iheb Tekkour’s infographic (in French) shows a link between the date of a company’s market entry to their market share and social media popularity. Here’s a look at some of the infographic’s highlights: 

First come, first served. Djezzy, the oldest mobile operator in Algeria, which launched in 2001, has the most subscribers in the country at 16.5 million people (46.59% of the market). The second oldest company, started in 2003, is Mobilis which has 11 million subscribers, representing 29.53% of the market. The country’s youngest operator, Nedjma, was launched in 2004 and accounts for 8.52 million subscribers (23.88% of the market).

The opposite is true for social media. Nedjma is “liked” by 708,806 fans on Facebook, whereas Djezzy is only liked by 468,697 fans and Mobilis by 282,202. On YouTube as well, Nedjma remains the leader with 1,900,000 video views, followed by Djezzy and 1,890,000 views and Mobilis at 900,000 views.

Twitter is relatively unused. According to the infographic, Nedjma and Djezzy haven’t tweeted since late 2010 and only Mobilis is still using Twitter. But it’s important to add that the infographic only considered the Twitter accounts shown on the operators’ websites. In Nedjma and Djezzy’s case, those have been replaced by new accounts, @NedjmaAlgerie, with 7,898 followers, and @DjezzyOfficial, with 1,026 followers- both are still active. Mobilis is a latecomer as it only joined the platform last month.

Check out the infographic below or click on it for a larger image.

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