ShopGo makes it easier for any e-commerce company to manage logistics with Aramex

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This month, e-commerce solution ShopGo (a Wamda portfolio company) has released Aramex Suite, a new module that allows e-commerce stores to automatically plug directly into several of Aramex’s services to ease the headache of logistics.

The Suite works as a plug-in that any e-commerce company that works with Aramex (including those that don’t work with ShopGo) can download and add to their site – for free. 

Here’s what it automates:

1) Shipping rate calculation. Before Aramex Suite, an e-commerce company would have had to determine shipping rates by either integrating with Aramex’s RED-e API, or looking up rates on the Aramex website and entering them manually into the site. Any relevant discounts would also have had to be added manually.

2) Shipping, and 3) Tracking. Previously, e-commerce stores would have had to call Aramex directly to request shipments (antiquated? yes), and would have had to log in to the Aramex site to track their shipments.

4) Cash-on-delivery. For COD services as well, stores using Aramex would have had to pull the relevant rates in each country from the Aramex site and add them manually to price calculations.

Aramex Suite, however, pulls shipping rates automatically and allows store to request and track shipments and COD orders directly through an online interface.

The goal is to reduce time and hassle for any and all e-eommerce companies. While it won’t make sense for companies that don’t work with Aramex or manage their own logistics completely in-house, Aramex Suite is targeted at e-commerce startups without a lot of budgetary wiggle room.

“It's going to help store owners have less of a management team for their website; if they already work and they already have a business, they can use this plug-in, and all of the shipment management will happen online, rather than happening offline and needing staff to manage it,” says ShopGo founder and CEO Mohannad Ghashim.

Aramex Suite will come as part of all custom-built ShopGo e- stores, and can also be integrated into any non-ShopGo e-commerce store; for more, see the Aramex Suite site.

(Disclosure: Aramex Founder and Vice Chairman sits on Wamda's board). 

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