Weekly Wrap-Up: August 18-22

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Announcing the launch of two new content series on Wamda:

Startup News Ticker

Startup News TickerThis week, we decided to bring a new twist to the platform: the Startup news ticker. We get a lot of announcement and news releases that are time-sensitive and deserve to be shared with our readers, and will be publishing them in the ticker. Got news to share with us? Send it to editor@wamda.com

How to be a Mompreneur

How to be a Mompreneur

There is no reason to believe that women can't be great mothers and inspiring entrepreneurs all while juggling the different responsibilities that come along. In this new series, Managing Editor Maya Rahal will be sharing her take on the matter.

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Articles you Might have Missed

Egypt loses two of its leading entrepreneurs: a tribute

Egypt loses two of its leading entrepreneursA few days ago, two of Egypt's most inspiring entrepreneurs were shot. Read this touching tribute by Wamda contributor Omar Aysha and find out more on how the two men were pioneers in their space.

Supporters crowdfund a reward for the Palestinian developer who hacked Facebook

Khalil ShreatehThis week, the world discovered Khalil Shreateh, a white hat hacker from Palestine who, when his bug reports were repeatedly ignored by Facebook, decided to tell Mark Zuckerberg about it himself. Find out why the online community launched a crowdfunding campaign for him.

What's the biggest career mistake you would gladly make again? 11 leading entrepreneurs tell us.

Biggest career mistake you would repeatThroughout your entrepreneurial journey, you've probably made a some interesting mistakes that ended up being valuable lessons. In this post, 11 leading entrepreneurs share their most valuable mistakes.

5 ways Bitcoin could become the currency of choice in emerging markets

ways Bitcoin could become the currency of choice in emerging marketsAt the recent Bitcoin London conference, Portuguese startup Lamassu made an interesting dent. With their ATM-style device accepting cash in exchange for Bitcoin, they're helping bypass the difficulties of Bitcoin purchase. So what could make Bitcoin a favorite in emerging markets

ShopGo makes it easier for any e-commerce company to manage logistics with Aramex

ShopGo Aramex SuiteAramex Suite is a brand new module released by ShopGo, allowing e-commere stores to easily plug into and use many of Aramex's services. Here's what it can do for you.

How a young women's rights activist launched Egypt's 'Best Hostel'

Dina Hostel EgyptThree years ago, Dina About El Soud founded Dina's Hostel, an authentic Egyptian style hostel with a friendly, cultural ambiance. Today, it is the 'Best Hostel in Egypt'. Find out why.

3 simple ways to screw up your startup

Simple ways to screw up your startupThere is no shortage of articles listing things to do to make sure your startup is on its way to success. What about what should you absolutely avoid? Bader Young Entrepreneurs Program Managing Editor Fadi Bizri weighs in.

Google vs. Facebook: How do they compare? [Infographic]

Facebook versus GoogleIt is fair to say that Google and Facebook are two of Silicon Valley's most popular giants. So how do they compare in terms of revenue, market value, and more?

7 lessons I learned during my journey as an 'Entrepreneur Wannabe'

Entrepreneur wannabeKamel El Asmar is the man behind 'Nakhweh', a social startup venture aiming at connecting volunteers and organizations - the first in the Arab world. So why does he consider himself an entrepreneur wannabe? Find out in this post, and what he learned so far.

Why we left Dubai: a Bahraini startup's challenges

Exa ioTo some, the city of Dubai is the place for startups looking to grow and scale. However, moving to Dubai is not just a question of finding a proper place to rent. Read Bahraini startup Exa.io's story.

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