This is the state of Twitter in 2013, while on the verge of a potential IPO [Infographic]

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Seven years after its launch, Twitter is on the verge of an IPO. Even though both CEO Dick Costolo and cofounder Jack Dorsey have denied it, now is a good moment to take a look at how far the social network, which is now valued at US $10 billion, has come.

Its mobile app Vine, which has been called the "Instagram of video,"
 has been a fledgling success, growing since this January to reach 40 million active users per month, with users spending 170 minutes per day on the platform and tweeting 5 videos per second, according to research compiled by DashBurst.

Given Twitter's role in the Arab Uprisings and other collective action around the globe, not to mention its role as source of news, it's unsuprising that 170 billion tweets have been sent thus far, and Twitter has grown to 200 million active users monthly. What's more surpriing is that 80% of Twitter users access the platform over mobile.  

Mobile use also makes it easier to upload photos or videos on Twitter, which are a crucial part of the platform's success; tweets with image links have double the engagement rates of a regular tweet, and YouTube is the most followed brand on Twitter with 30 million followers.

Another interesting fact is that China has 35.5 million users- the most of any country worldwide- despite the fact that Twitter is blocked domestically. Local Twitter rival Sina Weibo is more popular, however, with 54 million daily active users as of August this year, and one local programmer claims the number of active Twitter users tweeting in Chinese in mainland China is closer to 18,000.

With 900 employees today, Twitter is looking to estimated to be close to 10 billion dollars, and is expected to make around $300 million in revenue this year.

Check out the infographic below for more information on the state of Twitter in 2013.

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