Weekly Wrap-Up: September 08-12

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Last week, we ran a quick poll to understand when and under what circumstances some of our readers would agree to step down from their position as CEO of their company. Read up on some very interesting input here.

Launching a new content series: Bootstrapping stories

FeedItch Bootstrapping startupsThis week, we've launched a brand new content series where we'll be highlighting the challenges of startups that have chosen to bootstrap. Meet Alia Khatib, who is behind FeedItch, a mobile app designed to serve the Arab world’s foodies.

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Articles you Might have Missed

iMENA invests $8m in HelloFood; why it is and isn't like Rocket Internet

iMENA invests in HelloFoodA few days ago, iMENA Holdings announced investing $8 million in HelloFood, making it the first local firm to invest in a Rocket Internet company. In this post, our editor in chief Nina goes in depth on what this means for HelloFood's future plans, and gives us an overview of the newcomer on the Middle East investment scene iMENA and how they operate.

The rise of online video in the Middle East [Wamda TV]

Facebook page tips5 tips to make sure your Facebook page is a success.

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